Edox Skydiver New Novelties 2019 Reloj de Hombre automático 42mm 80112 3NM BUI


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Edox has produced Watches Since 1884. leading-technology high-precision timepieces with passion. ingenuity and a meticulous attention to details. In 1883. Christian Ruefli-Flury. an exceptionally gifted watchmaker. gave his wife. Eva-Maria. a pocket watch he designed for her 25th birthday. She was so impressed with her husband's talents and the beauty of the watch that she persuaded him to found his own watchmaking company. Christian Ruefli-Flury launched his watchmaking enterprise in Biel-Bienne. He named the company Edox. which means the hour in ancient Greek. The hourglass logo he put on his watches has adorned all Edox watches ever since. For a century and a quarter. the history of Edox has been studded with horologic successes and inventions of which many remain unrivaled to this day.
Mecanismo automático - una opción ecológica para el cliente exigente. Recargalo de energía con el simple movimiento de tu cuerpo
Mecanismo automático con visualización analógica y cristal de zafiro
Tipo de calendario: fecha.. Brilla en la Oscuridad
De metal color plateado caja de acero inoxidable. con dial azul
Resistente al agua hasta 30 ATM / 300 meters / 990 feet : adecuado para actividad marina profesional